Fax Over Internet Protocol: What It Is And What It Can Do For Your Business

A facsimile or fax is a physical copy of a document sent via a fax machine. The technology first came out as early as 1842 but did not become commercially available until 1966 with Xerox. Sending faxes had its heyday in the ‘70s and ‘80s with its users tapering out in the ‘90s and noughties as newer and faster ways of sending documents over the internet became available.

Who even sends faxes nowadays? Many people still do, specifically in the business sector. This is when Fax over Internet protocol or FoIP comes in.

What is Fax Over Internet Protocol?

FoIP or Fax over Internet protocol is the process of sending and receiving faxes using a VoIP or Voice over Internet Protocol network. A next-generation fax platform allows for the smooth transition of early technology to current ones while keeping old numbers and communication methods while reducing redundant business costs.

My PhoneOne now offers FaxOne, a next-generation modern fax software that works on the VoIP but is built and optimized for fax. FoIP has gotten a bum rap with reliability issues such as latency, jitter, and packet loss due to its reliance on IP networks that are built for voice. PhoneOne has resolved those issues with its fax-only structure that ensure quality and deliverability.

How Does it WorK?

The fax is sent through the VoIP but is first packetized — changed into a medium that will allow it to be sent and received on a packet switched network. Changing mediums and using packet switching lessens the transmission expenses and makes for a more efficient setup in a business that already has Internet access..

IP in FoIP stands for Internet Protocol. The data in the fax is sent as an IP packet over the internet and is received, decoded, and stored by the destination machine. The machine, in this case, is a fax machine or fax software that decodes data and transforms it to a facsimile or a physical copy of the original document sent to you. The best part is? You don’t need a new fax machine to receive FoIP, your old fax machine will do or you can install FoIP software to your computer to reconfigure it to receive faxes.

Who Uses Fax Over Internet Protocol?

Businesses mostly. This is because although documents signed electronically are accepted legally binding based on the Uniform Electronic Transactions Act, printed and digital copies need to be kept. This is particularly true of the varied state interpretations of law and with international deals across countries as well. The bottom line: it just makes good business sense to keep records for future reference.

What can Fax Over Internet Protocol Do?

FoIP can deliver many things as you would see with MyPhoneOne’s faxing service, FaxOne. It lets you have a dedicated phone number for use with sending and receiving facsimiles. You can send unlimited faxing to the United States and Canada. FaxOne allows you to send a fax to email and vice versa. There is also no need for you to buy a new fax machine as FaxOne’s infrastructure and technology can be used with existing traditional fax machines.

Where Are The Fax Messages Stored?

FaxOne is entirely cloud-based. Every fax that you send or receive is stored in secure cloud storage. The faxes can also be tagged for easy search options. Plus, access to your fax history can be done through any device.

Security is uncompromising with user authentication, document exchange encryption, and routine data back-up. These are some of the defensive tactics FaxOne implements to keep your data and fax messages safe and secure.

How Much is the FaxOne Service?

PhoneOne offers 3 options you can choose from. There’s a basic Business Start-Up plan that includes a phone number, fax to email and email to fax options, and 500 pages of faxing to the United States and Canada for a low monthly cost of $9.95. Faxes are sent and received through a computer with FaxOne‘s optimized fax-only infrastructure and secure cloud storage.

The best-selling and popular Professional eFax plan offers the same features but with unlimited faxing within the United States and Canada at $21.95 a month.

Finally, there is the FaxOne Fax Machine plan which combines the eFax plan and the option to receive your faxes on your own fax machine for $29.95 a month. All three plans are backed with the PhoneOne’s Satisfaction guarantee. Thinking of setting up a fax service for your office or small business? Get in touch with PhoneOne to get a quote.

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