6 Benefits of Using Professional Voice Service

Marketing has opened many avenues for business to reach and be reached by its customers. Chatbots, email, text are some of the most popular ways that customers and businesses interact. But did you know 80% of consumers choose talking on the phone as their preferred way of interacting with customer service reps? Customers prefer hearing and interacting with a human voice instead of email or chatbots.

24/7 customer support is available but not always doable for businesses with modest resources. This is where using voicemail greetings and auto attendant comes in handy.

These benefits will help you decide to use a professional voice service for your business’ on-hold messaging:

1. Creates a professional impact

There is visual branding but you can add more detail to your brand with audio. Audio branding uses the words, sounds, and tone of voice to create a persona for your business. The voice branding serves as a complement to your visual brand. Using a voice to align with your brand identity increases brand recognition for your product or service.

2. Builds trust

The use of professional voice talents brings with it the experience, the authority, and authenticity to your business. Matching a voice and tone sets and creates a mood that will perfectly capture your business’ identity. A consistent brand creates professional impact and adds credibility to your business. It sends a signal that your business is stable, dependable, and established.

3. Increases on hold caller retention

Callers who had information to listen to stayed an extra 3 minutes on hold based on a North American Telecommunications Association study. Keeping your customers on the line may lead to more revenue and business for your company.

4. Increase customer satisfaction

A fully interactive voice menu is nothing new but a voice that is polished and professional sounding will connect with your customers looking for and needing information. Keeping the customer on the line will likely lead to a resolution of the problem, they are seeking answers to. Providing solutions and addressing customer issues lead to an increase in customer satisfaction.

5. Creates a marketing opportunity

It works as a way to promote your business by plugging your other available services with on-hold marketing messages. Use the on-hold period to engage your customers by giving value. How do you give value? By offering other services and products your company does, share exclusive tips on the use of your products, and give discounts to take advantage of a service upgrade.

6. Maximizes employee efficiency

Use an auto-attendant with all the important information your customer will need instead of a receptionist fielding calls and answering queries throughout the day. Free up your employees’ work hours for more productive tasks. You’ll see an increase in job satisfaction and your employees stay with you longer.

Looking to Use a Professional Voice Service?

PhoneOne has the Voice Store, which offers a one-time voice recording service. The one-time service lets you choose from a variety of voice actors to do a recording. The rate is $79.95 per 250 words.

They also have a monthly subscription service that lets you change your recordings–voice mail, welcome announcements, auto attendants, etc.–with a partner company. The subscription prices vary based on the service you chose.

Other Practical Considerations

Aside from the benefits listed above, here are additional points to help you decide and subscribe to the Voice Store service.

The service helps you avoid potential legal issues if you use an employee’s voice compared to hiring a professional voice for your business. Using the professional voice service allows you to claim the recording–the content and voice–as your company’s own.

The audio quality and clarity are guaranteed with the use of top of the line equipment. No more crackling, hissing, or garbled audio.  The production of voice-over recordings is done on professional equipment ensuring audio clarity and professional results every time.

If you’re having a hard time putting into words the message you want your customers to hear, PhoneOne offers scripting services. For $49.95, they can help you come up with a script that will meet your customers’ and your business’ needs.

Get in touch with PhoneOne to learn more and get a quote for the Voice Store’s services,

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